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Little Shop of Horrors Film Will Return to Cinemas with Alternate Ending

September 27th, 2017 | By Andy Lefkowitz

Grow for me? That's what the iconic 1986 film adaptation of the hit musical Little Shop of Horrors is doing for moviegoers. The film will return to cinemas for a pair of showings on October 29 and 31, restoring the film's original extended ending that was famously changed (made less scary) after feedback from test audiences.

The film, which follows the rise of shy florist Seymour Krelborn as he feeds blood to a venus flytrap-seeming plant with hopes of impressing co-worker Audrey, features Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's original doo-wop score, which first appeared in their 1982 off-Broadway musical. 

The Little Shop film stars Ellen Greene reprising her turn as Audrey from the original stage musical, alongside Rick Moranis as Seymour, with Vincent Gardenia as Mr. Mushnik and Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello D.D.S. The film's director, Frank Oz, will offer a special on-screen introduction at the screenings, which are being presented by Fathom Events.

The special Director's Cut version of Little Shop was first unveiled in 2012 as part of the New York Film Festival. It was included as a Blu-ray release at that time.

Watch the original Little Shop trailer below, and check your local movie listings for showtimes.


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