The Addams Family - National Tour

The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life.

Jesse Sharp Talks About Playing the Suave Patriarch Gomez in The Addams Family on Tour

Jesse Sharp in the national tour of 'The Addams Family'
'Gomez is so enthusiastic. It’s so much fun to live in his world.'

Jesse Sharp is embracing his part as the wildy eccentric Gomez in the national tour of The Addams Family. The Andrew Lippa musical, based on Charles Addams' macabre drawings, will play at Columbus' Palace Theatre from April 8 through 13.

“It’s so great to have the freedom to be ridiculous and over-the-top.” Sharp said of his leading role. “Gomez is so enthusiastic. It’s so much fun to live in his world.”

In The Addams Family, Wednesday (Jennifer Fogarty) has fallen in love with a normal boy from Ohio and invited his parents to the Addams’ mansion for dinner. The visit throws Gomez, Morticia (KeLeen Snowgren) and the rest of the clan into crazy night of hilarious hijinks.

Though the musical is kooky, ooky and silly, Sharp says The Addams Family is more than the sum of its antics. “The show is about love and acceptance. The members of this family really are abnormal, and The Addams Family embraces that spirit of individuality.”

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